Study favoring BLS for cardiac arrest is narrow look at issue
January 13, 2015
Advanced life support
Ambulance risk: Advanced life support ambulances for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cost lives
January 15, 2015

Taking CPR classes in Houston can be done easily and affordably. There are our online classes or places like the American heart Association , Red Cross or the local YMCA just to name a few.

These classes are a good idea especially for our youth. Most parents wont even consider hiring a babysitter that has not been CPR certified. By taking these classes and becoming certified you have the power and knowledge to save a persons life. What could be more rewarding than that. When it comes to CPR training the Red Cross is probably the most popular and most recognized and trusted names out there. But all of these locations will provide you with the proper tools to be successful in administering CPR.

Getting CPR certified is not difficult to do.

You will be walked through slowly step by step and you will practice on dummies. They will show you the proper way to place your hands on chest to do thrusts and what not to do or stay away from when doing chest trusts. Then at the end of the coarse there will be a written test which will go over everything you had learned throughout the coarse. So take it seriously and pay attention and you will do just fine.

Cardiac arrest is the number one cause of death in adults in the U.S. Performing CPR doubles a person’s chance of survival when this happens. So as you see it is a useful helpful certification. Could save someone you knows life someday. CPR provides oxygenated blood to the brain and the heart and keeps the organs alive until the defibrillation can get the heart into a normal rhythm again. When CPR is started within 4 minutes of the collapse the person has a 40% chance of survival.

CPR and basic first aid teaches lifesaving skills.

Any victims chance of survival is dependant on someone providing CPR at the time of incident. CPR by itself does not save lives its important to know that. But CPR in conjunction with early defibrillation is the best combination and saves the most lives. The unthinkable occurs everyday and being prepared and knowledgeable in CPR saves lives. Even if you think its not for you or you will never need it you should take the class and stay current on live saving skills cause you never know when it may come in handy.

So if your looking to get CPR certified for the first time and need some help to get started go online or stop by one of Houston’s many locations and start a class today. They offer a wide variety of training and classes for all level of CPR and first aid training. It starts with you and you can start saving lives today.

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