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January 17, 2015
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January 21, 2015

Getting your CPR and first aid certification can be important in many fields. From childcare to the medical profession many jobs require you to have this certification. Even if you aren’t required to have the certification you may find yourself wanting to get certified.

Depending on your job you may be able to choose different CPR classes. While all of them will cover the basics some will cover different areas. Childcare classes will focus upon the differences with small children and babies making sure you are confident enough to perform in an emergency.

If you want to get a full certification like EMTs have you can often find this class at a community college. This class will teach you first aid, CPR, triage, and usually how to stabilize people as well. This class can be helpful if you plan to be working in transport, out in the middle of nowhere, or just want to be helpful in a disaster.

No matter the course that you enroll in you will find yourself learning how to save people. Without these courses you may find yourself doing more harm than good in a life threatening situation. Many of these courses will have a section on the things to avoid to keep from harming the people you are saving.

The first thing courses will cover is how to respond to emergencies. First you need to know what treatment to apply before you begin the treatment. In learning to identify the needs of your patient quickly you will gain confidence in an emergency situation.

Secondly you will learn how to administer treatment. This can be breathing help, first aid treatment, use of an AED, or even how to stabilize someone before paramedics come. All of these treatments are relatively simple and you will have to pass a test to prove you can do them. Once you pass this test you are certified.

Finally you will learn how to help people recover. If someone has had a seizure or other problem they will need time to recover before being moved or when waiting for paramedics. Learning how to help in these situations can help you give the best care possible to your patient.

Most courses will also cover health hazards. Things like body fluids, how to clean yourself, and even how to sterilize an area may be covered in your class. This is so future incidents can be prevented. In addition you will learn how to keep yourself safe will giving CPR and first aid.

Finding a course in your local area should be easy. Many places like the Red Cross offer programs on a regular basis. These are usually only a small fee to get certified. These courses are almost always recognized by employers. If you are in doubt ask your employer which course they want you to go take.

Getting a CPR and first aid certification can be an easy and fun process. This can help you be better prepared to do your job. Being able to react with confidence in a bad situation can enable you to make the best decisions possible to create the best outcome possible. This can quite literally save lives.

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