This Functional Medicine Clinic is Changing Healthcare in Los Angeles

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This Functional Medicine Clinic is Changing Healthcare in Los Angeles

Parsley Health has reimagined healthcare for the 21st century, turning the growing field of functional medicine into a well-oiled (and extremely pleasant) health machine.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, instead of merely treating symptoms, and today, it’s the fastest growing field in primary care.

Almost half of all American adults today have at least one chronic illness according to the CDC, and many can be treated with simple changes to lifestyle.

“This field of functional medicine says, ‘We don’t want to just Band-Aid problems with a drug, and we also don’t want to just Band-Aid problems with an herb,” Parsley Health founder Robin Berzin, MD explains. “We want to get to the root cause of problems, and so functional medicine is the medicine of why.”

But this “medicine of why” usually demands a hefty fee. Berzin recalls that when she was working at a more traditional functional medicine practice, she couldn’t even afford her own services.

Today, Parsley Health is a one-stop locale for functional medicine, built on a completely new model: instead of hundred (or thousand) dollar an hour doctor visits, members pay $149/month for unlimited contact with a healthcare professional.

With this model, it’s in the best interest of Parsley Health to discover and solve a patient’s problem as quickly as possible, whether that means extensive testing or a simple text message.

Parsley Health doesn’t work like a traditional doctor’s office, and it also doesn’t feel like a traditional doctor’s office. Parsley Health’s offices are located in a coworking space called WeWork; the Los Angeles office is in hip Playa del Rey. Located not far from Snapchat and Google, Parsley Health, too, is at the forefront of all that tech has to offer.



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